Personality Types Affect Your Sales


There is a theory that I’ve found that claims that personality types affects your sales. It’s called TQM or The Quant Method, a way of knowing what personality type a customer is so you can know what approach or steps that you can take. According to their website-

“Personality Types Decide to Buy in VERY Different Ways

In the entire world – despite the fact there are 7 billion people – each of us is one of just four “personality types,” the Thinker, Mastermind, Olympian or the Diplomat. And each type is very different from the others.

Each type thinks and feels differently. Each sees the world and gathers data differently, sees their desires, likes and dislikes, distractions and objectives differently.

And each type processes information differently, especially when making a buying decision.

Because personality types do so much differently they must be sold differently.

For example, one type wants details, another type hates details. One type wants to know what others think, but their opposite type doesn’t much care. Still another may want your product simply because she “must have the next big thing!”

Here are the 4 Personality Types according to their website:

Thinkers – The Thinker likes facts, details, proven examples and is highly organized. Their approach to business is thoughtful, logical and analytical.

Masterminds – Masterminds are characterized by a more assertive approach to business. They tend to be fast-paced, results-oriented and get right to the point. They are efficient, logical and task-oriented.

Olympians – The Olympian personality type is characterized by an expressive, aggressive approach to business, and aspires to great heights because “everything is possible.” They are emotive and have an easy-going” love of life” approach in their personal dealings. Olympians are energetic, impulsive and they live in the “now.”

Diplomats – Diplomats are friendly, compassionate, “feeling” people that desire to contribute goodness to the lives of others. They are effective at doing this through their nurturing, insightful and encouraging nature.

Diplomats are imaginative and passionate about their causes. This is the “Boy Scout” personality type. They can appear to have a more casual approach to business.

To some extent, I can believe what their saying. People are very different from one another and their ability to categorize us on our “personality type” may persuade us to buy more and spend our hard earned money. I’ve tried their personality test and I’m a diplomat, surprisingly, I think they’re right.

As a martial arts business man, you can try this approach. If you have a problematic client, student, or parent, then try to assess and know his or her personality type and base your approach from your assessment. Go to to know more about this selling strategy. Read more, and take the personality test. This is not an advertisement of any sort, just a presentation of a new way on how to do business.

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