How to Care For Your Students


Having a martial arts school is not just about getting more students, it’s also about taking care of what you already have right now.

Take a good luck at your numbers. Are there more students going out the door than new students coming in? If yes, then you have to also work on your retention or keeping the students that have already enrolled. One way of being good in retention is to show your students that you care.

Well, with no further ado, here are some ways on how to care for your students.

Know Names

Knowing a student’s first name is just common sense, but to really show that you care, know the names of their brother, sister, parents, and even the dog’s name if you can. It will show that you’re really interested in their lives.

Dig Deeper

Aside from the names, you can also go a bit further and ask about their jobs, their studies, or their hobbies. Striking up a conversation with them after class is a good way of cooling down and getting more information about them.

Set up a Student Appreciation Day

We’ve put this on yesterday’s post (5 Tips for Your Martial Arts School) and since it’s so effective, I’ll repeat it again. Set up different meetings or events that focus on the students. Make it fun so your students can look forward to it. Have games, give away prices, and have one that is totally free so everyone will be encouraged to join.

Don’t Forget Them on Their Birthday

Have a calendar solely for birthdays. If on that day they have their class with you, announce it and sing the Happy Birthday song. Don’t forget to send a birthday card.

Message People Who Don’t Show Up

There are a lot of reasons why students don’t show up for class. Whatever their reason, message them and let them know that you’ve noticed their absence. It feels good when someone takes a few minutes of their time just to ask why a person didn’t show up. Message them through E-mail, Facebook, Text, or give them a call.

Reward Hard Work and Milestones

Most students want to impress their masters. You can show them you’re appreciation of their efforts through gifts like gift cards to coffee shops or restaurants, movie theatres, and even your own martial arts school shop. Whenever they do something great, reward them and let them know that you care about their progress and their efforts are not unseen.

Create a Custom Video Just for That Student

Now this one is really personal and would be appreciated by anyone. If you see a student struggling with a punch, a kick, or any kind of move, you can send that kid a personal video of you doing that certain move. You can send the video by e-mail or upload it privately on Youtube. It doesn’t really take too much of your time and it’s really easy to do. Throw some words of encouragement with the video to make it extra special.

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