How to Create a Perfect Product

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I’ve written about customer loyalty a couple of times here at Martial Arts Business Magazine. I’ve dealt with the reasons why consumers become loyal to a company and how companies can increase their revenue through repeat business. There are a lot of tips on how to make people dependable on your martial arts school, but honestly, it all boils down to your products and services. This Article, How to Create a Perfect Product will tell you the different aspects of what a “perfect” product or service entails and how to get started on creating one of your very own.

Find a Void and Fill it

It may seem that we have everything that we need like a sturdy home, easily available food, and clothes that can be worn over and over. But man is always looking for the next best thing. Consumers don’t know what they want until you present it to them. Take for example the food industry. First we had to hunt for food, then came farming, which was soon followed by food shops like bakeries and grocery stores. Now you can order food through the phone or the internet and have it delivered in your doorstep.

People always want something that will make their life easier, you just have to think of one and present it to them, no matter how crazy it sounds… which brings us to our next step…

Entertain Every Idea

In the old days, people made their own bacon from pigs which they raised. If you were a normal folk back then and you were introduced to readymade bacon which you can buy at the store you could say “Preposterous! Why would I buy bacon when I can make my own!?” We all know how hard it is to raise a pig and make your own bacon and that is maybe one of the reasons why bacon is so popular.

When thinking of a new product, don’t dismiss an idea because it sounds ‘preposterous’. Snuggies are just backward robes, but they’re so popular now. Do you remember Pet Rocks? They’re rocks that were sold as pets at $3.95 each. Ridiculous right? Tell it to the man who sold 5 millions of those rocks within 5 months of operation. When coming up with an idea, give it a try. It’s a gamble alright, but your gamble might just pay off.

Make a Great Package

When I was a kid, I loved toys. Part of the appeal of the action figures were the paper and plastic packages they came in. They were full of pictures, had a back story of the toy figure, and sometimes it even came with a comic book. A perfect product or service would not be appealing if it has a lousy package. The wrapping or the presentation should match whatever you’re selling. It also tells a message that you care about your merchandise and your customers.

Deliver it on Time

People expect everything that they buy should be delivered on a timely manner. When you have your product or service, follow the timetable which you’ve set. No matter how great whatever your selling is, if it’s late, it will get bad reviews which will hurt your company.

 Have a Caring Customer Service

At times, you will hit a snag, so whenever a customer complains about your merchandise or your services make sure that you should have a caring approach against the problem.

First thing is apologize.

Even if you believe that you didn’t do anything wrong, be humble and ask for forgiveness. Customers want to feel like a baby where every bit of their problem should be taken cared of. You should act like a caring mother who will go to great lengths to get rid of whatever is troubling their “baby”. Even if your goods or services hit a ‘snag’ your ways of handling the complaint can still persuade a customer that it still worth their money.

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