How to Sell: A Reiteration on the Power of Sales


We’ve discussed in our past articles on how to integrate merchandising into your martial arts school. I hope you picked up a few pointers and decided to create a sales department in your own business. I’m here again to remind you of the importance of sales and some tips on how to improve on your selling techniques.

There is no shame in selling food or merchandise in your martial arts school. One of the benefits of having a store is, of course, having more money.  But aside from monetary gains, having your own, for example, canteen in your school, will keep the children inside your building at all times during class which will prevent them from going outside to buy refreshments. You can also sell merchandise like uniforms, t-shirts, and other equipment. You know your students well, and you really know what they need, so be their trusted provider of the things they should really buy.

If you’re new to selling or just want to improve, then read some of my tips on how to sell:

Include Everyone on Sales


All of us are sales people. Don’t believe me?  Your resume is trying to sell you as a good employee. You’ve pitched business ideas or sold a point to a friend or your family member. Deny it all you want, but selling is really innate in all of us. That’s why involve everyone in your school to sell anything. Pair your sales people with your other employees. Suggestive selling and referrals are some of the ways on how your other team members can contribute.

Don’t be Too Pushy


Your excited about your new commemorative anniversary t-shirt of your protein bar and juice box combo, but don’t be over-zealous, it’ll ruin the sale. The best thing to do is know what your students and customers need. The best way to do that is to talk to them and listen. A simple “what do you need?” can do wonders as well.

Take it Easy


If you’re having problems keeping your overhead, then sales is a very good solution for your problems. But don’t treat it like a miracle bullet. Being a good sales person takes time and experience. Keep your goals with-in reach at first. Breakdown your yearly goals into quarterly, monthly, weekly and even daily. Once you get the hang of it, it’ll be easier as you become more comfortable in your new found role. So keep it small at first, one step at a time.

Want to really improve? Then try role-playing or mock selling situations. You’ll be surprised by the new-found confidence that you can get from these “sales practice sessions”.

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