How to Become a Better Salesperson

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Selling is a skill like the rest of the words that end in –ing. And like all skills, there are ways to improve and be better at convincing people to give you their money without the violation of their free will. There are a lot of aspects that involves a product and a service, and in your case I hope those aspects are good. Take for an example the packaging of your merchandise, the advertisements that are put out for it, and its over-all quality. But after all of those things, it’s just you, the customer, and the product itself. It will just boil down on how skilled you are at selling. Want to know how to become a better salesperson? Let’s start with your…


Confidence is the biggest factor in sales. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the best product in the world when your confidence level is low. A confident person can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo while a doubtful one can’t even sell medicine to a sick person. The truth is, self-belief attracts people. When it comes to sales, your confidence in yourself reflects to what you’re selling so if you possess the right amount self-assurance people will believe you when you’re telling the great characteristics of your product. To acquire confidence, you must know everything about your product. Know the answers to questions that potential customers might have. When you’re prepared, you’ll be confident to face people.

Remember that confident is good, over-confident is bad.

Failure Will Make You Better

People are afraid to get into sales because they don’t like rejection. First of all, it’s nothing personal, 2nd, being rejected will only make you better. I know you’ve heard this phrase from every inspirational book that you’ve read but failure will really make you a badass salesperson. As I’ve told you, selling is a skill. If you’ve gone to a hundred homes and you get rejected to 90 of them, you’ll know what to do and what not to do for the next 100 houses.

Know Your Buyer

Understanding the needs of your customer can improve your chances of landing that sale. The questions to answer are:

“Why do they need your product?”

“What will happen if they don’t buy?”

“What happened to the people who purchased your product or service?”

Answer with whole honesty and do your best to relate whatever you’re selling to your customer’s needs. For example, know their business and occupation and link that to your product. Cite the consequences if they don’t buy and what they will miss and inform them of how your merchandise helped other consumers.

And the last tip is to not over-sell. Over-selling can make you look desperate which is a huge turn-off for potential buyers. Just act calm and collected. Be confident, honest, and go through your pitch.

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